"Roskosmos" released a video about the robot-cosmonaut "Fedor" (2 photos + video)

On August 22, the first space flight of the robot-cosmonaut "Fedor" is planned, where he will be involved as an assistant crew of the International Space Station.

Head of Roscosmos State Corporation DmitryRogozin tweeted a music video dedicated to the robot-cosmonaut Fedor. In this form, the Space Agency acquaints the general public with the “biography” of the robot, that is, the history from the first stages of its creation to the test loading onto the ship on which it is to fly to the ISS.

Dmitry Rogozin also owns the authorship of the song “A Ship Flies Above the Earth”, against which different periods of the android’s “life” unfold.

[media = https: // v = MdJZFrpYHmI]
The episode when the robot thanks its creators in the person of Rogozin is especially touching: “Thank you, Comrade General! It will not rust after me! ”

Name F.E.D.O.R. stands for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research.

F in the name of the robot indicates the first generation of the avatar family. According to legend, after the android “appeared speechless”, he wished to change his name to Skybot F-850.