Roskomnadzor has unblocked over 2 million IP addresses

Russian regulator Roskomnadzor, famousstruggle with the Telegram messenger, this week unblocked the lion's share of previously blocked IP addresses. At the same time, representatives of Roskomnadzor explained such democratization by the fact that blocked resources did not work for a long time to deliver prohibited content.

Blacklisted by Roskomnadzor on January 10there were over 2.8 million IP addresses. According to the resource tracking the black list of Roskomnadzor, a day later, on February 11, the number of blocked IP addresses fell to 749 thousand.

Addresses blacklisted by Roskomnadzor andThe prosecutor's offices were basically completely blocked in order to block the work of the Telegram and Zello instant messengers. Such actions of the regulator blocked the access to certain sites and resources for Russian users.

The February unlock was the second largest in the history of Roskomnadzor; earlier, 2.7 million Amazon IP addresses and 130 thousand from the Microsoft network were returned to active life.

Source: Vedomosti