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Roskachestvo warned of a new type of fraud with bank cards

After publications in the media that the attackersdata of more than 100,000 Russian bank cards were leaked to the shadow Internet, fraudulent sites began to appear on the network that offer to check the user's card data for compliance with the leaked database. Advertising of such services is actively going on in social networks and Telegram channels. Advertising mailing affects not only the owners of communities and groups about finance, but also users who are as far from banking terms as possible. This means that anyone can fall for this bait.

Fake sites have a similar structure:the cardholder is prompted to enter their card details, ostensibly to check that they have not fallen into the hands of an attacker. The service uses the most cynical approach. After entering his payment data, the user transfers his data to scammers, the debiting of funds from the card can occur immediately.

“Roskachestvo reminds users thatthere is no single official service for checking compromised bank cards! All such services on the network are fraudulent. Do not enter card details on dubious sites or dictate them when talking to a potential scammer on the phone,” emphasizes Sergey Kuzmenko, Senior Digital Product Testing Specialist at Roskachestvo.

Also, your payment details may fall into the hands ofscammers if you use a free and less popular VPN service. There is a risk that after activating the service, your card details will be compromised.

Source: rskrf