Roscosmos will create a lunar "elevator" (2 photos)

Between the leading economies of the worldnear-Earth space exploration competition. During a conversation with reporters, the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, spoke about the nearest promising developments and plans of the company, among which the plan to create a lunar lunar module - the “universal elevator” stands out

According to the CEORoscosmos, a space elevator will be able to deliver goods from the near-moon station by order of partners from other countries. Given that the ISS will develop its service life in 2028, and for some structural units, such as the Prichal module and the scientific and energy module, the service life will remain for another 15-20 years, these devices can be used to create a lunar elevator.

Rogozin also announced the commercialization of the projectto return the "colossal" costs necessary to implement this development. Some countries literally "rush" into space, but do not have delivery vehicles, and the Roskosmos lunar elevator can serve the desires of such countries.

Source: Tass