Roscosmos plans to open a hotel on the moon

The exploration of the nearest space goes tocommercial rails. Roskosmos employees announced plans for the agency to equip a compact hotel on the moon, designed for fifty guests. Renting the “lunar” rooms for rent will quickly recoup an ambitious project.
Develops a lunar innCorporation "Strategic Control Points", part of the structure of Roscosmos. The project was named Patron Moon. Technically, the future hotel will be based on a module that, with the help of drilling rigs, will be rigidly fixed to the surface of the moon.

Hotel energy supply will be providedfrom a compact nuclear power plant. The total weight of the base of Patron Moon will be about 70 tons. The volume of usable space will be 624 cubic meters, and up to 50 space travelers will be able to accommodate in retractable living compartments.

The project cost is $ 462 million, andits full payback period will be only a year. The price for one traveler to the moon, together with living in a compartment with an area of ​​10 square meters, will range from 10 to 30 million dollars. The delivery of the base to the moon is planned for 2028 using the Yenisei rocket.

Source: ria