Roscosmos launched six OneWeb communications satellites to deploy global Internet

By 2021, the British company OneWeb intends tolaunch 900 communication satellites into Earth orbit. It is expected that thanks to them, by 2027 every inhabitant of the planet will have access to high-speed Internet at a speed comparable to that of terrestrial fiber optic networks. On the night of February 28, the Soyuz-ST-B rocket finally successfully launched six satellites into orbit, having launched from the Kourou cosmodrome in French Guiana. The launch was postponed several times due to various malfunctions and concerns.

Initially, the launch of satellites into orbit wasscheduled for February 20 at 00:37 Moscow time. The launch was postponed because a hole was found in the upper stage of the rocket, from which helium could escape, displacing fuel. Then it was decided to launch the rocket on February 27, but this time it was necessary to delay the operation due to reports of problems that had arisen on the 21st, during the Egyptian satellites Egyptsat-A launch.

All this happens on the background of how the companyOneWeb is a matter of concern for the FSB. It is believed that no one can provide a full guarantee that its satellites are not equipped with intelligence equipment. These fears were announced on October 24, 2018 - it was then that Roskosmos was at risk of losing one of the largest foreign customers in recent decades.

The Soyuz-ST-B launch vehicle successfully launched from the Guiana Space Center!

The acceleration unit "Fregat-M" continues to work on the withdrawal of six vehicles to target orbits. Completion of the launch campaign is expected around 04:20 Moscow time.

- ROSKOSMOS (@roscosmos) February 27, 2019

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Meanwhile, the global Internet may notto earn in Russia because of the requirement of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications to build ground stations for filtering data passing through foreign satellites. This requirement was made to ensure national security.

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