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Rolls-Royce has assembled the fastest electric aircraft in the world

At the very beginning of 2019, we told you thatthe British company Rolls-Royce intends to create an electric aircraft that can break the speed record among aircraft with electric motors. Literally 12 months have passed since the publication of this news and the assembly of the aforementioned high-speed aircraft has finally completed. The novelty was called ionBird and was presented at the airport under the name Gloucestershire, which is located in the west of England. According to company representatives, an electric aircraft will be able to break the record for flight speed in the second quarter of 2020. But thanks to what features can he achieve record speeds?

Rolls-Royce ionBird electric plane

The features of the ionBird aircraft were describedin a press release published on the official Rolls-Royce website. It is worth mentioning right away that the development of the aircraft was carried out as part of the ACCEL program for the development of electric aviation and was funded by the British authorities. Rolls-Royce was assisted in the development of the aircraft by YASA, the electric motor manufacturer, Electroflight, the developer of energy-efficient batteries, and employees of the Aerospace Research Institute.

Rolls-Royce ionBird will try to break the speed record in the first half of 20020

The fastest electric plane in the world

According to company representatives, propellersThe aircraft will be powered by three YASA 750R electric motors, the total power of which is more than 500 horsepower. They will be powered by a battery with a record capacity for electric planes, but the exact numbers are so far kept secret. But it is known that the energy source will be equipped with a cooling system and consist of 6,000 cells. A single charge of batteries should be enough to overcome 320 kilometers of track. In fact, this is a very decent indicator, which is close to the power reserve of Tesla electric cars.

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When and how will the speed record on electric planes be broken

As mentioned above, ionBird will trybreak the record for flight speed between April and June 2020. It is expected that the aircraft will make four flights at a distance of about three kilometers. After examining the data collected during these tests, experts will be able to identify the maximum flight speed of an electric aircraft. The creators of the aircraft hope that he can achieve a speed of 480 kilometers per hour.

It is believed that electric aircraft will minimize the concentration of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Recall that the current record for todayIn 2017, Siemens Extra 330LE delivered the speed among electric planes. He successfully took off from an airfield in Germany and, thanks to the great experience of the pilot Walter Extra, flew 3 kilometers. During the flight, he managed to develop a speed equal to 337.5 kilometers per hour.

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Given the characteristics of the Rolls-Royce,there is practically no doubt that he will be able to break the established record. However, during the test, surprises may occur that interfere with the development of the required speed. Do you think ionBird will be able to break the record? You can answer below by clicking on one of the buttons in the survey.

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