Robots will park your car where it seems impossible

Motorists like no one else know howsometimes it is difficult to find a parking space. Fortunately, at the airports and large hotels, this is done by special staff - they only need to give the keys, and they park the car themselves. As you know, in the future, a lot of work will be done by robots, and car parking is no exception. The development of such a system involved the company Stanley Robotics, which has already tested its parking vans in France. In August 2019, tests will be conducted at London Gatwick Airport.

To use the service of the robot, you mustget the car in a special garage and enter your data through the terminal with a touch screen. Then you can safely go to the plane - one of the special robots will independently enter the garage and take the car to the public parking. Arriving back, your car can be found in the same garage and go home on it.

Stanley Robotics robots are reminiscent of their shape.toasters, and their height is about the same as that of cars. To transport cars from the garage to the parking lot, they gently cover them by the tires and lift them up a few centimeters. The robot can approach the car both in front and behind - it depends on how it will be more convenient for him to move between narrow rows of other cars.

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Since drivers do not need to approachcars, robots can place them as close as possible to each other, blocking doors. Due to this, 30% more cars are placed in the airport parking - in the case of Gatwick, 270 cars will fit in the parking lot instead of 170. The company says that the cars will be delivered back to the garages on time, as drivers will notify you in advance about their return.

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