Robots Museum to appear in South Korea

In 2020, in the capital of South Korea, Seoul will appearan unusual building of the Museum of Science and Robotics (Robot Science Museum, RSM), reports the portal New Atlas. The right to build the object was won by the Turkish architecture company Melike Altinisik Architects (MAA). According to its management, one of the main features of the new museum will be that robots are planned to be used at all stages of its creation and operation, from production design to construction, construction and maintenance, as well as other high-tech tools, such as 3D printers. and drones. The museum itself was conceived by the metropolitan government to attract public interest in robotics.

The area of ​​the museum will be 2,500 square meters,with this, the total area of ​​its premises will be 6500 square meters. The museum plans to hold not only exhibitions of robots, it will also hold exhibitions devoted to artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, holographic technologies, as well as various trainings in these areas. But the very first and, perhaps, the most important exhibit will be the building of the museum itself.

Robots and 3D printing technologies will be used in the construction of the Museum of Science and Robotics

"A new museum of robotics that will playThe role of the catalyst in social advancement and promotion of science, technology and innovation will not only exhibit robots, but also build on their capabilities in everything from design, decoration and construction. In other words, RSM will present, as its first exposure, “its own construction” by robots right at the building’s location, ”said Melike Altinisik Architects in a statement.

The authors of the project note that the desire to createown universe for robots and visitors will be expressed in the use of spherical and "liquid" shapes. According to the idea of ​​the architects, the building will be predominantly completed without the use of chopped and rectangular shapes. While one team of robots will be engaged in the construction of the facade of the building, independently casting, assembling, welding and polishing metal plates, the second group will create the surrounding landscape using 3D printers that print concrete. In addition, compact drones will be used to patrol, inspect, secure, and monitor construction activities. Of course, the machines will not be entrusted with all the work - people will be present at the facility.

According to the proposed project, the museum willtightly integrated into the surrounding urban infrastructure. The absence of designated areas, together with the inclusion of public space inside the building, as well as the organization of pedestrian and road transport, will create a sense of continuity between the city outside and the museum inside.

The first exhibition at the Museum of Science and Robotics is scheduled for 2020 already. Full opening of the facility is expected in the 2022nd.

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