Robots in the kitchen: a smart hand for cooking noodles

The American chain of Chinese restaurants Panda Express boasted an interesting development: a special robotic arm that cooks noodles.

The Panda Auto Wok was designed to help in the restaurant kitchen, to make some of the physical tasks easier for cooks and to speed up the cooking process.

Usually all popular dishes are cooked in a largequantities and cooks had to manually mix huge portions in woks (a round deep frying pan with a convex bottom), but now the cooking process has become much easier.

Technology allows you not to overwork and spend more time on the selection of ingredients for dishes.

In the video below you can evaluate the work of Panda Auto Wok:

At the moment, the technology has been patented and implemented in 120 points of the restaurant, in the near future another 240 establishments will receive an update.