Robots Boston Dynamics tried on the role of dogs in the harness (video)

Mass robotization of all industriesand transport seems to be facing unemployment not only for people; dogs carrying cargo in the conditions of the Far North may also be unnecessary. Boston Dynamics, during the traditional dog-race in Alaska, demonstrated the group work of the dog-like SpotMini robots.

Developers "trained" a bunch of SpotMini robotsbasic teamwork in dog sledding. During testing, it turned out that ten robots, each weighing only 25 kg, are enough to transport a truck.

The video presented by the company demonstrates a clear, well-coordinated work of the “squadron” SpotMini. The video not only fascinates, but also awakens disturbing thoughts about the future.

During the presentation, representatives of BostonDynamics said that these robots will be available for commercial use in the near future. However, it will not be everyday goods available to everyone, as the price can be quite significant.