Robot taught to simulate the movement of a human operator (video)

Robot developers strive to createdevices capable of performing human movements as accurately as possible. This is necessary to replace people in production, in trade or in medicine.

A group of scientists from the University of Illinois andThe Massachusetts Institute of Technology demonstrated the unique capabilities of the HERMES robot, which has two legs and manipulators. During the presentation, the device with a high degree of confidence repeated all the movements of the operator.

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Simple at first glance, the name HERMES, in factdenotes Highly Efficient Robotic Mechanisms and Electromechanical Systems. The use of special software and devices provides the transfer of data on the movement of a person and converts them into signals for controlling the robot. At the same time, there is a feedback that allows the operator to feel the direction of movement of the limbs HERMES

Using a new invention allows the robotperform some particularly accurate household functions that were previously inaccessible to machines, for example, pour tea into cups or chop wood. For greater stability, the HERMES robot is created in a triple-reduced copy of a person.

Currently, developers are eliminatingThe most obvious problems of the project: the delay of the signal, the development of wireless signal transmission, instead of the existing wired. There is also a long training of the robot with complex path movements.