Robot loader on wheels (video)

In early February, the video got into the network with a closedBoston Dynamics events, where a new two-wheeled Handle robot was shown without any disclosure of its characteristics, and now, on the eve of the first day of spring, the robot company officially presented its creation. The two-meter bot is designed to carry cargo, and an installed pair of wheels can be replaced with two usual humanoid legs, if necessary, to overcome areas of increased complexity, although in the original form the Handle easily moves over rough terrain, without problems coming down the steps or slippery slope, and jumps over obstacles on the go, keeping balance due to the torso, bending of the lower limbs and pulling the upper ones. The robot works on electric drives and hydraulics, is able, using the energy of its own battery pack, to overcome a distance of 24 km, reach speeds of up to 14.5 km / h, jump to heights of up to 1.2 meters and carry loads weighing up to 45 kg. You can see all the features of Handle in the attached video.