Robot from Boston Dynamics became a real loader (video)

Boston Dynamics has demonstratedRobot loader Handle, designed to work in logistics warehouses. We are talking about an improved model, not at all like its predecessor.

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Two years ago we saw a structure similar tofour-legged animal, only occasionally standing on its hind legs. Now it looks more like a robobird. True, her beak was replaced with a sucker, and her paws were replaced with wheels. As shown in the video, the robot skillfully picks up the boxes from the pallet with a beak-sucker, and then moves them to a new place. Each of the boxes weighs 5 kilograms. Handle, without any problems, takes a load of up to 13.6 kilograms (30 feet). He can stack things up to 1.2 meters long and up to 1.7 meters high.

To keep the balance of the robot complemented a specialcounterweight on the back. The device is capable of analyzing the space, as well as finding the right items and places in which it is better to put them. For this, it uses an advanced computer vision system. While the development is in the prototype stage, but Boston Dynamics intends to bring the robot to mass production.