Robot fish with "energy blood"

The main task of modern developers of robots- This is the creation of realistic stand-alone devices with an effective power supply system. As a result of the partnership program of engineers and scientists from Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania, a lion robot has been created, the mechanisms-organs of which are filled with artificial blood.

Autonomous power supply systemA standard robot is a bulky battery with many wires and mechanisms. Created by scientists, the lionfish has a unique design in which the electrolyte solution performs the functions of energy storage and hydraulic fluid. A robot fish of this design can spend 36 hours in “autonomous navigation”, which is 8 times more autonomous work of similar robots with a traditional battery power system.

A unique experiment with a robot fish combinesin a single system and the transmission of hydraulic forces, and the accumulation of energy and transmission of movements. The main purpose of such mechanisms is to expand the functionality of a special class of soft robots. Ideology of the experiment can be used in cars and other mechanisms using hydraulic fluids. In addition, this method of energy supply can bring about the creation of robots that mimic living organisms.

Source: Nature