Robot dog from Boston Dynamics is the new Lara Croft

The robot dog, which often becomes the protagonist of numerous funny commercials from Boston Dynamics, has retrained from a punching bag into a real archaeologist.

He does not have his own estate and butler, but he has unique abilities to collect data and penetrate any, even the smallest spaces.

A robot dog named Spot is exploring the ruins of Pompeii. The main goal is to improve the monitoring of existing territories and increase knowledge about the progress of archaeological excavations at historical sites.

Spot will be tested in underground tunnels made by tomb raiders. Thieves have been digging holes in the ruins for years and stealing relics.

Why is a robot required in such operations? Yes, because the condition of the tunnels and burial grounds opened by thieves is extremely unstable, it is extremely dangerous for a person to be in them.

The robot is able to explore the territory without much interference and damage to both itself and the ruins.

According to the director of the archaeological parkPompeii Gabriel Zuchtrigel, such technologies were not used before the Spot robot. The use of robotic technology allows you to work at high speed and in complete safety.