Robot cop will replace the cops (video)

Robots have attacked the "holy of holies" - workpatrol police called to control order on the roads and write fines to violators. The American engineer from the non-profit organization SRI International has developed a prototype of an impartial policewoman who will be able to verify the documents of drivers.

The robot is not independent, it works in pair with"Live policeman", driving a patrol car. The device is mounted on a telescopic rod from the outside of a police car. After the intruder stops, the robot approaches the driver’s window and at the same time pushes the bar with spikes under the wheel of the tested vehicle, which eliminates the attempt to escape from the test site.

Communication of a policeman and a verifiablethe driver is conducted through a robot that is equipped with a screen, speakers and a camera for conducting two-way video and audio communications. There is a built-in scanner for checking documents, and a thermal printer for issuing fines. Such a robot partner eliminates direct communication between the driver and the policeman and makes the search on the road safer and more impartial.