Robot avatar "Fedor" caused criticism of the crew of the ISS (3 photos)

The crew, which will soon go to the ISS, conducted a training session with an android robot made in Russia. To "Fedor" made a number of comments that are planning to eliminate before the flight.

According to one of the cosmonauts AlexanderSkvortsov, the task was set and solved spontaneously. He expects that all the shortcomings (the specialist refused to advertise them) the developers will have time to eliminate the flight and working with the robot will be fruitful as a result. On the ISS, Fedor will be the first artificial human assistant. It will function in a mode similar to the avatar. A place for him at the station has already been prepared.

Head of CPC (Cosmonaut Training Center)Pavel Vlasov confirmed the tests carried out by the crew on July 20 to the ISS. According to him, it was the first active assessment by the crew of complex robotics. Experts in zero gravity will appreciate the correctness of the calculations of the designers who designed the robot, as well as the real prospects of this project.

As noted Vlasov, while there is no question aboutthe robot went out into space. However, this aspect is interesting for specialists. But for a start it will only be crew support, for example, the transfer of a particular item. Moving inside the station to a large robot while it is not easy. In the future we plan to implement other options for its use.

It should be noted that "Fedor" was created by expertsFoundation for Advanced Studies and the company "Android Technology". The demonstration copy was made three years ago. At first it was called “Avatar”, then it was given the name FEDOR, which stands for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research. Two years ago, an exhibition sample was developed for VDNH. Then "Fedor" was transferred for testing to the Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" and Roscosmos.

Source: Tass