Rivian demonstrated the unique capabilities of an electric pickup truck during tests in the desert (5 videos)

In the near future, the market for electric pickupsreplenished with a huge number of new models from Lordstown, Tesla, Ford, Bollinger and Rivian. Manufacturers, using the example of active pre-orders for Tesla Cybertruck, saw the high potential of this segment of the automotive market and are rapidly developing electric pickups, trying to get ahead of competitors.

Rivian startup engineers, alreadydemonstrating the unique capabilities of the future Rivian R1T electric pickup and Rivian R1S crossover, delighted fans with new, ultra-short, but impressive shots from the R1T tests in real conditions of the Arizona desert.

Previous demo posted onthe official YouTube channel Rivian in December 2019, showed a “tank U-turn” of a pickup truck in place, which can be done thanks to a kinematic scheme with 4 electric motors (one per wheel) with independent control.

Now the company has placed four more small,but spectacular video revealing the capabilities of the Rivian R1T. The video shows the fast start of a pickup truck from a place, an effective drift when cornering in the desert, revealing speed characteristics when driving along a narrow road in the desert.

In the longest one and a half minute commercial, the developers showed the dynamics of the movement of the Rivian R1T pickup truck along the highway, off-road, and also during mountain passes.

Four Rivian R1T engines will allowdevelopers to create on a single platform various models with a total power of 300 to 562 kW (408 to 764 hp). Also, pickups will install batteries of various capacities: with 105 kWh batteries, the autonomous path will be 370 km, with 135 kWh - 480 km, and at 180 kWh, cars without recharging will go up to 640 km.

Initially, Rivian's startup plans includedthe start of serial production of electric cars this year, but the coronavirus pandemic forced a shift in the start of industrial production next year.

Source: insideevs