Riding on electric scooters threatens health and life (3 photos)

Researchers studied injuries afterride on electric scooters, and assured that this type of transport is very dangerous for health and life. After all, users do not wear helmets and do not realize that the maximum acceleration of the gadget reaches 25 km / hour, and even on the sidewalk, where pedestrians constantly move.

Experts conducted their research in the areaLos Angeles from 09/01/2017 to 08/31/2018. During this time, 249 people went down to the emergency room with injuries related to the use of an electric scooter. Most often (in more than 40% of cases), people injured their heads. 5 of the victims even had significant bleeding in the brain. Two riders entered the intensive care unit. Interestingly, among almost 250 injured only 4.4% were wearing a helmet at the time of the incident. Among the other most common injuries were fractures with an index of 31.7% and soft tissue damage - 27.7%.

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Experts wonder why people ridesuch speed among other road users, without protecting the head. In 16% of cases, the answer is obvious - the cause of the accident was intoxication. On the other hand, rental services often do not offer helmets to their customers, although they can warn about driving rules and operating conditions of the electric scooter.

Experts who conducted the study, notethat the promotion of safe riding on electric scooters is still very weak and unconvincing around the world. Therefore, it should pay special attention, because a new type of transport is increasingly gaining popularity among people, especially as a means of transportation to overcome the “last mile” to home or work.