Rezvani announced the creation of the first Tank X SUV-hypercar (9 photos + video)

Rezvani Motors is preparing for release and is alreadypresented its new model - Rezvani Tank X. According to New Atlas, this is the world's first hypercar SUV. An eight-cylinder, with a total cylinder volume of 6.2 liters, the internal combustion engine develops a power of 840 horsepower and a torque of 1180 N * m.

The Rezvani Tank X also has a “military” version,which is equipped with armor, a smoke screen detector, thermal imagers and even several gas masks. Under the bottom there are protective shields. Incredibly bright headlights. Such a machine is ideal for brutal warlike men.

Continuing the theme of military, we note that Tank XThere is a system of protection against electromagnetic pulses, surpassing all known military standards. Electromagnetic or nuclear weapons will not damage the car’s electronics, even if up to 40 blows hit it in a row.
The manufacturer characterizes his Tank X ascity ​​car for daily trips. Here, perhaps, one can argue with him: it is difficult to imagine an ordinary person driving around the city streets on this uneconomical and non-eco-friendly monster.

The cost of an SUV is $ 349,000.

Source: newatlas