Review of the tablet TCL Tabmax 10.4 (9296Q)

At the end of last year 2022, TCL introduced a new tablet model called Tabmax 10.4. Here stands

Please note that this device differs from the previous generation TCL 10 TABMAX with an increased amount of RAM and internal memory, as well as a chipset and version of Google Android OS.

The Tabmax 10.4 device is interesting with a large 10.36-inch IPS screen with a high resolution of 2000x1200 pixels and NXTVISION technology, a capacious 8000 mAh battery, 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory.

And the device understands the active T-Pen stylus with 4096 degrees of pressure. Alas, the stylus is not included, you will have to buy it separately.

Today, a tablet can be found from about 19,000 rubles.

Table of Contents

  • Specifications
  • Contents of delivery
  • Design and elements
  • Display
  • Working hours
  • Communications
  • Cameras
  • Memory, processor and performance
  • About sound
  • Impression


  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 octa-core, Adreno 610 graphics
  • operating system: Google Android 11, TCL 3.0 shell
  • Memory: 4 GB / 64 GB, there is a slot for microSD
  • Screen: 10.36 inches, IPS LCD, 2000 x 1200 resolution, 16 x 10 aspect ratio, 225 ppi dot density
  • Battery: Li-Po 8000 mAh, fast charging 18 W
  • Main camera: 13 MP, f/1.8, 1080p video recording
  • Front camera: 8 MP, f/2.0, 1080p video recording
  • SIM card: No
  • Network and data transfer: Wi-Fi ac 2.4/5 GHz , Bluetooth 5.0, USB Type-C
  • Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, compass
  • Other: GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou, no NFC, no 3.5mm jack
  • Sound: 2 stereo speakers
  • materials: matte plastic
  • Dimensions: 245x155x8 mm, weight 475 grams
  • Price: 20 000 rubles


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Contents of delivery

  • The tablet
  • Power adapter
  • USB cable
  • Clip
  • Instruction
  • Warranty card

Design and elements

As far as I understand, there is only one version of the device for sale - in gray. The previous generation still had a blue variant. In general, it doesn't matter.

From the front side, all tablets are the same - a flat black display with almost no bezels.

On the back of the TCL Tabmax 10.4 conditionally consists of two halves: the upper part is 19 mm and the lower part is 134 mm. The bottom line is that the surface is presented in the form of thin grooves, similar to the corporate design of DELL covers - radial circles. Only in the case of TCL, the circles are lined with waves. Top - one way, bottom - the other.

The surface is rough to the touch, the tablet does not slip out of the hands, even if they are wet.

Side frame grey, semi-gloss.Both the back and sides are made of plastic. The front panel is glass. Oleophobic coating of good quality: prints are almost invisible, the finger glides easily.

The tablet itself is small. Well, or it already seems so, given that I have been using smartphones that are equipped with 6.7 - 6.8-inch screens for a long time.

Dimensions TCL Tabmax - 245x155x8 mm, weighs about 475 grams. In general, it is quite compact, thin, but I can not say that it is completely light.

The device is assembled perfectly. No squeaks, backlash of elements, the back panel is not pressed through.

The selfie camera is in its place.It is not inscribed on the screen, which is good. The power button is on the left, there are also USB Type-C, an event indicator and a speaker (the other is on the right), volume control is on the top left.

On the case on the right and left there are decorative cutouts for the speakers. Apparently, they did it for symmetry.

At the top are microphones (judging by the two holes, there are two of them) and a slot for a microSD memory card.

Total: easy to use, perfectly assembled, with a high-quality oleophobic coating.


Screen diagonal - 10.36 inches, IPS matrix, resolution - 2000x1200 pixels, density - 225 PPI. The refresh rate is 60 Hz.

The maximum brightness of the matrix is ​​​​230 nits, which forThe tablet, frankly, is rather weak. At home, the lighting is still nothing, but on the street the picture decently fades. It is not clear whether the manufacturer cares about the operating time, or the matrix does not “take out” ...

Of course, the gadget has an option “In the bright sun”. But the brightness only increases to 340 nits.

As for color reproduction, it turns outas accurate as possible when sRGB mode is selected. In other cases, the matrix parameters are simply horrendous: either the temperature is low, or the gray color is unnatural, or some other crooked data.

Below is the data for the sRGB item:

  • All gray points are within Delta E less than 10 - very good!
  • RGB level. An almost perfect picture.
  • Gamma. Strong spread - from 1.7 to 3.0.
  • Brightness Graph. Almost perfect.
  • The temperature is around 6300K on average. Quite normal.

And here is the data for the "Saturated Colors" setting:

The device has NXTVISION technology. Actually, the screen settings are configured there. Basically, you should be interested in two points:

  • Visual image optimization. Increase the contrast and sharpness of the picture.
  • Visual optimization of videos and games. Improves colors, contrast, depth of detail in games and videos.

Surely it all works, just on its ownthe display is not the best quality: low brightness, strange calibration settings, and so on. In general, I didn't see any difference when turning the above settings on and off.


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Working hours

The novelty of TCL was equipped with an 8000 mAh battery. As a result, these are the numbers:

  • Screen glow time at maximum brightness when performing various operations on the tablet: up to 7 hours.
  • Watch FullHD video at maximum brightness: up to 12 hours.
  • Games at maximum brightness: up to 5 hours.

Pretty normal hours of work. The tablet charges with an 18W adapter in about 3 hours. I didn’t measure it very accurately, since everything that is longer than an hour is no longer important.

Life hack: if you connect any gadget to the tablet via USB, the latter will be charged.


The TCL Tabmax 10.4 tablet works with Wi-Fi dual band 802.11a / b / g / n, Bluetooth version 5.0 is available. There is no SIM card.

If we are talking about positioning, then the device has GPS, GLONASS and Beidou. On average, the gadget sees up to 30 satellites and "holds" for 17-18. The accuracy is about 13-15 meters.


The sensor acts as the main cameraOmniVision OV13B (announced in 2019) with a resolution of 13 MP and a sensor size of 1/3.06″. Usually it was put in smartphones, where it played the role of "width". In rare cases, the main camera, but these were budget smartphones.

Front camera - OmniVision OV8856(announced already in 2015): 8 MP resolution, 1/4.00″ sensor size. A fairly common model: until 2019, it was put in smartphones for selfies, and later it began to be used as a macro or “width”.

Photo quality is averagereasons. But due to autofocus, it is quite possible to use. Video is recorded in FullHD resolution 30 fps. And on both cameras. Rollers come out successful, I liked it.

The interface is simple, almost like stock Android:on the right - all elements, on the left - flash, timer, aspect and settings. In the settings there is a function of digital video stabilization. There is an auto-retouch. It smooths out skin imperfections a little and embellishes the colors a little. It seems to me that the function is useful, especially when there is no time to look for a face editing program.

Examples of photos and videos:

  • Original photos (zip, 25 MB)
  • Sample video (MP4, 69 MB)
  • Sample video (MP4, 25 MB)

Memory, processor and performance

This "pepelats" is equipped with 6 GB of RAM.For a tablet, the volume is impressive. Speed ​​- around 5500 MB / s. It is not a fact that this is a real value, but it is not possible to find out the speed of the "RAM" by another method.

Built-in memory as much as 256 GB. Also somehow unusual for a tablet. It doesn't seem like a top model. Speed ​​- 400/200 MB / s. Suitable for the device for 20,000 rubles.

The SoC is Qualcomm Snapdragon 665.The chip was introduced in 2019 at the beginning of summer. Designed for low cost devices. Inside 8 cores and two clusters, 11 nm process technology, the maximum frequency is 2000 MHz. The graphics here are Adreno 610.

In operation, the tablet heats up decently (on the left - the upper part, if you hold the tablet in landscape form) up to 44 degrees Celsius.

In the popular Antutu test, the gadget is gaining 220,000points. The throttling test fails partially. However, even PUBG can be played on a tablet. Yes, there will be a low graphics value, but everything is more or less fast. The Call of duty toy flies even on medium graphics settings.

About sound

The TCL tablet uses two speakers.They are stereo (the effect is heard clearly), the volume is high for this type of device and for the money. As for the frequency response, it is strongly shifted to high frequencies, there are very few mids and there is no bass. You can watch a couple of episodes of The Last of Us, you can listen to music in the background.

There is no 3.5 mm jack. And this is sad, since there is a lot of space on the case for this connector. The device contains all possible modern Bluetooth audio codecs. Well, OK.


Frankly speaking, it is difficult to say something about thismodel, because it made an ambiguous impression on me. On the one hand, quite a high-quality assembly, good appearance, normal operating time, high screen resolution, a large amount of memory. On the other hand, there is a strange screen calibration, low matrix brightness, low performance, no 3.5 mm jack.

As for the price, it is normal. I can't say that this is the best deal on the market. But not the most expensive product either.

In general, a device for home, for watching videosin the evening in bed, for use as conferences (there is a very good front camera and a good microphone). In addition, you can buy a stylus and draw. True, in this case, you should pay attention to the choice of displaying colors in the NXTVISION application.

Let me remind you that today they are asking for about 20,000 rubles for TCL Tabmax 10.4.


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  • Digma Pro 1800F for 17,000 rubles. Screen 10.4 inches, resolution 2000 × 1200 pixels, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB built-in, Unisoc Tiger T618 processor, 4G SIM card, two cameras, 6000 mAh battery.
  • HUAWEI MatePad for 18,000 rubles. Screen 10.4 inches, resolution 2000 × 1200 pixels, 6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory, Kirin 710A processor, two cameras, 7250 mAh battery.
  • HTC A101 for 19,000 rubles. Screen 10.1 inches, resolution 1920×1200 pixels, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB built-in, Unisoc Tiger T618 processor, 4G SIM card, two cameras, 7000 mAh battery.

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