Review of the new lil SOLID smokeless device

Imagine a world in which the taste of the presenttobacco can be easily enjoyed without smoke and ash. Philip Morris International (PMI) is introducing a new smoke-free product developed by South Korea's KT&G - lil ™ SOLID * to bring a smoke-free future even closer. lil SOLID is a new affordable smoking alternative powered by DUAL HEAT * technology. With its simplicity and convenience, the lil SOLID device will help adult smokers take a small step towards big change - a world without cigarette smoke.


Modern technology and design

New smokeless product lil SOLID is missingcombustion process - thanks to this, smoke and ash are not formed. Using the technology of uniform heating, DUAL HEAT lil SOLID allows you to enjoy the taste of real tobacco. Unlike cigarettes, the lil SOLID device gently heats tobacco from the inside, revealing its taste and aroma, without smoke and ash.

There is nothing superfluous about lil SOLID. The device fits comfortably in the hand thanks to its ergonomic all-in-one design. lil SOLID is presented in three colors: strict black, laconic white, noble blue. The body of the device is made with a soft-touch coating for black and blue colors and in a matte version for white. Due to its light weight (only 84 g) and size, lil SOLID is easy to carry, even in a small pocket.

Blue lil SOLID

DUAL HEAT heating technology

With DUAL HEAT heating technology,When using lil SOLID, there is no combustion process, which means there is no risk of burning clothes, upholstery in the car, furniture or accidentally burning someone. DUAL HEAT technology evenly heats the tobacco from the inside to 350 ° C using a ceramic rod-shaped heating element. This temperature allows the rich taste and aroma of tobacco to be revealed without burning. The lil SOLID device is used with Fiit specialty tobacco sticks.

Lil SOLID manual

How to use lil SOLID? As easy as pie. The device is operated with just one button, and a convenient vibration signal system makes operation intuitive. lil SOLID has bright indicator lights to tell you when your device needs to be charged or cleaned.

You can forget about waiting: lil SOLID is ready for 4 consecutive uses, and you only need to wait 3.5 minutes for the next use *. A full battery charge lasts for 20 use sessions. It takes just 120 minutes to fully charge the device.

* Time required to cool down the device after 4 consecutive sessions

Lil SOLID devices are covered by a 12 warrantymonths. If the device is broken or malfunctioning, you can contact customer service or an IQOS branded store for diagnostics. In the event of a breakdown due to the fault of the manufacturer, the device must be promptly replaced.

Black lil SOLID

lil SOLID is a new product from KT&G presented by IQOS

On August 17, 2020, PMI announcedthe beginning of sales of the lil SOLID device from KT&G and Fiit tobacco sticks to it in Russia. The device complements PMI's portfolio of smokeless nicotine-containing products in Russia, which already includes the IQOS tobacco heating system. The announcement of the launch of sales was preceded by the signing in January 2020 of an agreement between PMI and KT&G, a leading South Korean manufacturer of tobacco and nicotine-containing products.

KT&G products that PMI will sell foroutside South Korea, such as lil SOLID and Fiit, will undergo rigorous pre-market assessments to ensure they meet the current regulatory requirements of the markets in which they will be sold and PMI's high standards of scientific validation.

Does not exclude risks

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