Review of Apple iPad Air 2019: an updated and universal tablet

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After a long break, Apple releaseda worthy successor to the iPad Air 2. The Apple iPad Air 2019 appeared 4.5 years after the iPad Air 2, which is a huge period for the tech world. Before him, the iPad Pro was considered the best in the line; however, Air is a middle-class proposition.

Now the new iPad Air 2019 is priced between the iPad 2018 and the 11-inch iPad Pro 2018. So the cost is 33-35 thousand rubles. It seems to me quite logical.

  • Specifications
  • Design and appearance
  • Smartphone display
  • System and interface
  • Performance
  • IPad Air 2019 Cameras
  • Multimedia and sound
  • Battery autonomy
  • Should I buy?
  • Apple iPad Air 2019 specifications


    A12 Bionic APL1W81


    3 GB

    Drive size

    256 GB

    Display size

    10.5 inches


    2224 × 1668

    Screen type



    1100 MHz, 4-core


    802.11a / b / g / n / ac



    operating system

    Apple iOS 12

    Rear camera





    3.5 mm, Lightning


    Nano sim card



    Warranty / Support

    1 year


    250.6 × 174.1 × 6.1 mm


    464 grams

    Design and appearance

    And the design and aesthetics of the iPad Air 3 2019 is almostchanged since the days of Air 2 2014. Because of this, they can even be confused. But, it is worth a closer look and it will become obvious that the updated version is slightly longer and wider. She also received a smoother aluminum body and rounded thin bevelled edges. Design, though finalized, but the style remained.

    Apple decided to keep the fingerprint sensorTouch ID. It is a pity that there is no Face ID, it would be more convenient. But another detail of the Apple iPad Air 2019 pleases - they saved a 3.5 mm headphone jack. This is important, because in the new iPad Pro it is not.

    The rest of the ports and connectors remained the same andlocated in the usual places. At the bottom is Lightning and speaker grilles on the sides. On the right there are buttons for adjusting the volume and on, and at the top there is a 3.5 mm audio jack and a microphone.

    The only new addition wasa three-prong connector on the left side so that you can connect a smart keyboard for easy text entry. In addition, the iPad Air 2019 supports the Apple Pencil, which costs $ 100 (6.5 thousand rubles). And the stylus of the first generation is also suitable.

    The difference between Air 2019 and Air 2 is almost 4.5year, however, no radical changes in the design there. It is strange that Apple stubbornly does not want to do anything in this direction. On the other hand, this design is still selling well.

    Smartphone display

    Let the design and there are no serious differences, everythingThe Apple iPad Air 2019 is very different from the iPad Air 2 screen. First, we got a 10.5-inch Retina display with a resolution of 1668 × 2224, which is also fully laminated, as in its predecessor.

    This allows the image to be clearer atthe street. In addition, the iPad Air 2019 display supports Apple's True Tone display technology for adapting color to ambient lighting. The panel also received a wider color gamut of DCI-P3.

    It sounds all tempting, but not in all thisthe display is better. Yes, it is 100 nits brighter than the screen of the Air 2, and reaches 525 nits, but the previous model has a sharper and more accurate color reproduction. When True Tone is on, the iPad Air 2019's screen looks more saturated, shifting to inaccurate color reproduction. With this feature disabled, the panel will maximize the sRGB color range.

    System and interface

    If you updated iPad Air 2 on time, then iOS 12.2 should be installed on your tablet. So, you will not see any difference in the interface.

    The operating system supports hugenumber of gestures, but if you have used the iPad before, then it will not be a surprise for you. All of them are practical and efficient, which makes iOS 12.2 a universal platform for tablets. It uses the same movements and gestures with a few fingers.

    More experienced users here instantlyadapt. If you are new, you may encounter some curvature or illogicality in navigation. But, very quickly get used to it. The beauty of iOS is that it is as friendly as possible and allows you to quickly explore the interface and functionality.

    The system also supports the launch of twoapplications, but technically it is limited. You can run one of your own software - iMessage, Safari Browser, iTunes, Mail and Files, with one of the third-party. Various combinations are available, but not all of them will work.

    Performance and Memory

    IPad tablets have always shown highresponsiveness, so their performance is unlikely to grow strongly from year to year. The new Apple iPad Air 3 runs on an Apple A12 Bionic processor with 3 GB of RAM. With such an iron, the device becomes super-fast and as responsive as possible. It surpasses its predecessor in any test.

    At first glance, navigation through the interface andrunning apps seem oily. But the previous model works in exactly the same way. Maybe the difference you will not notice, but it will be huge when it comes to games and "heavy" applications.

    You can choose from iPad Air 2019 with 64 GBROM, either with 256 GB of internal memory. The difference between them is huge, and in my opinion, the most reasonable choice would be the older version, but it costs 10 thousand more.

    IPad Air 2019 Cameras

    I don’t think anyone will use the cameratablet Apple iPad Air 2019 for continuous shooting. But nevertheless it is worth telling about it. The rear camera in the iPad Air 3 is almost the same as in the Air 2 - this is an 8 megapixel lens with backlight and f / 2.4 aperture. The option is not the best, but it will do for the tablet.

    It is interesting that the front camera was improved here - now it is a 7-megapixel lens, while the predecessor had a modest 1,2-megapixel. As for the camera application, nothing has changed here.

    It's pretty simple. From the screen immediately available shutter button, various shooting modes and some options, including the timer and HDR. The lack of quick access to some settings is still disappointing. We have to go into the interface and general settings to change the video resolution, for example.

    Photo quality

    With perfect lighting, the iPad Air 2019 camera fromApple produces great photos. The best pictures I got on the street, in sunlight. 8-megapixel lens removes with medium detail and accurate color reproduction. For a tablet it is good, but not great.

    In contrast to the lighting, it is useful to turn on the car. HDR, which will soften the scene and remove glare. As a result, we get a better exposed composition. But, this mode is often too softens the pictures.

    I was not surprised that I saw a noticeabledeterioration in low light conditions. If it is very dark, then the photo will be very dark, the details will be lost, and you will hardly distinguish anything. Although noise is reduced to a minimum, this leads to even more blurring of details. In general, I do not recommend photographing on an iPad in low light.

    Fortunately, there is a front 7-megapixel camera that progresses greatly in quality. Shoots with good detail, however, post-processing oversaturated shots.

    Video quality

    I did not see anything unusual when shooting a video oniPad Air 2019. The resolution here is limited to a maximum of 1080p, although for such money and with such hardware you could make a tablet with a camera that shoots 4K. The quality of the shooting, though disappointing, but the tablet is not designed for this.

    Multimedia and sound

    Besides the fact that Apple iPad Air 2019 can becomeyour good workhorse, the gadget is great for content consumption. Watching a video on a Retina display is just a feast for the eyes: the details are clear and the colors are accurate.

    As for the sound, the stereo speakers iPad Air2019 copes well with the task, but don't expect quality here, like on the iPad Pro with its four drivers. Nevertheless, the sound is better and louder than on most smartphones or tablets. If you still prefer to use headphones, then the quality will please you.

    Autonomy Apple iPad Air 2019

    Taking into account the optimization of iOS and the new hardware,updated device demonstrates amazing vitality. If you constantly use the new Apple iPad Air all day, then by the end of the day it will have about half the charge. In fact, the battery will last for several days.

    Charges iPad Air 3 for a long time. Today, no one will be surprised by super-fast charging, but here in the configuration we have a very weak charger. From 0 to 100% this device charges for 235 minutes, even though Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 even lasts 192 minutes.


    If Apple was still sellingoutdated iPad Air 2 at a big discount, I would definitely not dare to recommend the iPad Air 2019. However, this new tablet should occupy a vacant place in the average price range. Still, several years without an update made the fans wait for the update with particular zeal. Now in the middle category there is a universal tablet that everyone will like.

    Of course, you can save and buy iPad 2018,but this gadget belongs to the initial level. The advantage of the Apple iPad Air 2019 is that it has not only an improved design, but also an excellent display with a faster A12 Bionic processor.

    Should I buy?

    Yes. If you need a tablet for simple tasks and rest, then there is no point in overpaying. For media content, social networking and gaming, the updated iPad Air 2019 is enough. The iPad Pro is more needed by enthusiasts and professionals.


    • Reasonable price.
    • Premium design.
    • High performance.
    • Better than average battery life.


    • Long charging time.
    • Weak camera in poor light.
    • Only two options for internal memory.

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