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Review Lenovo Yoga Book C930 laptop with E-Ink screen-keyboard

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For me, the Lenovo Yoga Book series has always beenstrange, and I'm frankly wary of her. Lenovo openly demonstrates its experiments. Yes, in previous models, this ambitious hybrid tablet really surprised by its concept - the rejection of the physical keyboard in favor of the touch. Lenovo Yoga Book C930 takes a huge step forward, we have a special implementation of the keyboard - this is an e-ink screen and a lot of new features.

  • Specifications
  • Design and keyboard
  • Two displays
  • System and functions
  • Performance
  • Transformer Camera
  • Battery autonomy
  • Should I buy?
  • Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Specifications


    Intel Core 7th generation i5-7Y54, m3-7Y30 Intel Core


    4 GB LPDDR3


    Up to 256 GB PCIe SSD


    LCD display: 10.8-inch QHD (2560 × 1600) IPS touch screen
    E Ink: 10.8-inch FHD (1920 × 1080) touch screen


    Intel HD 615


    2 × USB Type-C 3.1
    Audio jack
    SIM card tray


    Optional (Europe)


    The fingerprint scanner


    Dual speakers with Dolby ATMOS

    Stylus pen

    Yes 4096 pressure level
    The stylus supports two displays


    Up to 8.6 hours 35.8 W / h


    260.4 × 179.44 × 9.9 mm


    775 g

    Price and availability

    $ 999.99, from October 2018

    Design and touch keyboard

    Yoga Book decided to change further and brought veryserious innovations. The futuristic design is now even more surprising, Lenovo Yoga Book C930 is really intriguing at first glance. For a hybrid, it is incredibly thin and light, which is convenient in any situation.

    Particularly pleased with the increased performance andcomfort. And since this device belongs to the Yoga series, then there is the same familiar hinge - the hybrid can be used as a laptop, tablet or put it as a “tent” to view the content.

    The main change in Lenovo Yoga Book C930 -dynamic screen with electronic ink, which performs the functions of the keyboard and trackpad, if you have selected laptop mode. But you still need to get used to it and, obviously, the work with the physical keyboard will be much faster, and the touch interface is not for everyone yet.

    Increase typing speed can onlyAuto Correction option, but it is only available when using a regular on-screen Windows keyboard. The downside is the fact that this touch screen has no backlight, it is impossible to print in the dark.

    I can highly appreciate the compact size of the hybridLenovo and its ease, it attracts and I think that on the road it will be convenient to use. In addition, there are two ports USB 3.1 Type-C, 2 speakers with support for Dolby Atmos, a fingerprint scanner and a slot for microSD cards. Because of the very thin case, we had to abandon the 3.5 mm audio jack, which is disappointing.

    Two displays

    As for the main display Lenovo Yoga BookC930, then it is a 10.8-inch IPS screen with QHD resolution (2560 × 1600). The picture on this screen looks qualitatively and subjectively much better than the previous model. There is practically no distortion at an angle. Image quality is complemented by rich and vivid colors. Perhaps this is not the brightest screen among these models, but it is suitable for work on the street.

    To read the additional e-ink screen Yoga BookThe C930 fits just perfectly - you can read it for hours without problems for the eyes, this is a characteristic feature of such displays. Nevertheless, there are limitations. The second display is suitable for taking notes, drawing and viewing pdf-files, but does not support any e-book file formats. In general, Lenovo Yoga Book C930 will not be able to replace a real e-reader, even despite the presence of an e-ink panel.

    But, in some cases, the e-ink display willuseful - it will replace your paper and you can write any text on it, without the need for scanning. There is support for the Lenovo Active Pen stylus with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. However, technically there is no place for a stylus, only a magnetic compound.

    System and functions

    On sale Lenovo Yoga Book C930 released frompre-installed Windows 10 operating system. It would be nice to have another pre-installed Android OS, but even without this, the hybrid has a lot of potential, combining the capabilities of a tablet and a laptop — you can switch between modes just by turning the display. Today it is one of the best hybrid laptops, allowing you to work with the browser, and with video editing and even playing more or less new games.

    And although the Yoga Book C930 is able to perform the samefunctions and tasks as full-fledged laptops are obvious limitations. First of all, it is connected with the second e-ink screen, which is used as a keyboard for typing. Of course, it has feedback - a vibration occurs, as if the key is actually pressed, but this is not comparable to the convenience offered by a regular laptop with a physical keyboard when working with text.

    On the other hand, it is an extra screen.Enhances Yoga Book. You can instantly switch to the mode of reading pdf files or open a notepad for recording by tapping the corresponding icons in the upper right corner of the screen. In this case, the main display will turn off, so you can save battery power.

    Can work with Windows InkWorkspace and Lenovo Active Pen stylus for sketching sketches, adding notes to your desktop, and more. True, the second touch screen does not yet support any other applications or software, it is unclear whether something will appear in addition.

    CPU and performance

    Finally we can say goodbye to the Intel Atom series.and say "hi" to the 7th generation Intel Core i5 Y-series processor. You understand what opportunities the tablet opens with such a more powerful processor. If earlier I was sure that my nerves would not be enough to handle complex tasks on the Intel Atom, now Lenovo’s hybrid will cope with everything without any problems.

    I had no problems or delays when4K video editing in Cyberlink PowerDirector 17. Even despite the ultra-slim body, a 256 GB SSD was installed inside the Lenovo Yoga Book C930. If this is not enough for you, then you can use microSD cards - there is a slot for them, only you have to use a paper clip to remove it.

    Transformer Camera

    In the Yoga Book C930 installed just one camera on2-MP. It is located above the main display, it is convenient to communicate in video chats and instant messengers. But. You will not be able to take photos as if on a smartphone, although I am not upset at such a turn - a rather dubious idea of ​​taking photos on a tablet laptop.

    I'm not surprised at all that the camera is heresimple and hardly suitable even for selfies. The picture is poor quality and with a lot of noise. Its purpose - only video chats. By the way, instead of the camera on the back of the Book C930 now placed a fingerprint scanner. I am pleased with such a compromise.

    Autonomy Yoga Book C930

    It is a little alarming that the thickness of the caseLenovo Yoga Book C930 minimum. Because of this, there are doubts that the hybrid got a weak battery. However, in fact, the battery can withstand the whole day under normal load, and this is work with mail, text, surfing the web and listening to music.

    If you want to work with video processing, then the Yoga Book C930 can last up to 6 hours. Impressive, agree! If you use the gadget periodically, it will work the whole weekend.


    At the end of last year, Lenovo decidedseriously pump your line of hybrids Yoga Book. Now, instead of the standard physical keyboard, we get an additional screen of electronic ink, which in an instant turns from a dynamic keyboard into a canvas for sketches and notes. Surprisingly, the Windows-based Lenovo Yoga Book C930 offers more features than its predecessor on Android. But, the superiority is reflected in the price - the hybrid costs more than $ 1000 (68 000 r.).

    Today, you are unlikely to find something similar to Yoga.The Book C930 is from Lenovo, but this does not justify its high price. For example, now Microsoft Surface Pro 6 for sale starts with the cost of 60 thousand rubles. (no keyboard). It works on the new and more powerful Intel Core i5 8th generation. Nevertheless, the Yoga Book C930 is a great option for a hybrid tablet and laptop, provided that you have the patience and time to explore all its possibilities.


    • Slim and lightweight design.
    • Excellent battery life.
    • Powerful enough to handle 4K video.
    • More amenities thanks to the second e-ink display.


    • The keyboard requires practice and patience.
    • No keyboard backlight on E-Ink display.
    • E-Ink screen does not support e-book formats.

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