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Review Lenovo Yoga 730: a laptop designed for creativity

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It costs 70 thousand rubles. smaller MacBook Pro 15, and 35 thousand, than the Dell XPS 15, but at first glance nothing was lost. I spent a month with a laptop Lenovo Yoga 730.

When I get the test equipment thattheoretically not much different from much more expensive competitors, my main task is to answer a simple question - what is the trade-off? Because if you evaluate computers only through the prism of dry technical specifications, you cannot safely assert that Yoga 730 offers the same features as more expensive rivals.

For almost a month I tested the latestLenovo's latest notebook configuration designed for creative professionals. The overlooked version, was equipped with an Intel Core i7-8550U processor, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of internal memory and GTX 1050 Max-Q graphics with 2 GB of V-RAM, and it cost from 115 thousand rubles. Version with 4K screen will cost more, although not yet available. I received a version with a 15-inch full HD resolution matrix.

For comparison, a similar configuration of the Surface Booka 2 from Microsoft (with a 13.5-inch screen) costs from 215 thousand p. Great difference. Right?

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  • Lenovo Yoga 730 - what's the tradeoffs?

    First, I will explain where the price difference lies, and whether it is worth worrying about these trade-offs, because they save us a lot of money.

    Compromise, visible at first glance - isquality Lenovo Yoga 730. For a complete understanding - in its class, this is really a well-designed device. The aluminum case gives the impression of durability, the working panel is absolutely rigid, and the hinges, of course, withstand thousands of changes in screen position. However, it is felt that the Yogi 730 does not have the sophistication characteristic of high-quality products. For example, the edges here are so sharp that you can peel carrots.

    Compromise is also noticeable in the display used. Although the 4K option is likely to match competitors, the Full HD version stands out not only in terms of resolution. Let me remind you that the Dell XPS 15 also offers with Full HD-display, but I do not consider it a compromise.

    The Yogi 730 15-inch panel has severaldeficiencies. First of all, the anti-reflective coating does not work, you can look at the screen like a mirror. This significantly reduces the viewing angles, because instead of the screen we see only the reflected environment. The screen could also have a bit more brightness. The question of colors is also extremely important to me - unfortunately, this is not enough without calibration. The best laptops from competitors leave the factory more or less calibrated under the sRGB profile. Yoga 730 offers oversaturated, unnatural colors out of the box. It looks good when consuming multimedia, but it is not desirable if you create them.

    The thermal characteristics of the Lenovo Yoga 730 alsothere is a problem. Although the 15-watt quad-core Intel Core i7-8550U can handle most tasks, even when editing 4K video, it cannot do this for a long time. Under load, the laptop heats up very quickly, and its performance drops sharply.

    The last compromise is the chargerdevice. While this is a feature of many notebooks, I don’t understand why Lenovo uses bulky, two-component chargers with the original charging port. Major competitors have long abandoned this archaic project in favor of compact and solid USB-C power supplies.

    Despite several areas where Yoga 730stands out among the more expensive rivals, the new Lenovo laptop still remains a fantastic computer at a very reasonable price that will satisfy demanding users.

    Created for creativity

    First and foremost, the Lenovo Yoga 730 is designedto create content and its consumption. It is pleasant to type texts on it, because the keyboard is phenomenal, not counting, Huawei MateBook, this is the best keyboard on a laptop with Windows in the segment. The trackpad is also good, it is supported by Windows Precision drivers. Here I can not say anything bad.

    The screen after the correct calibration pleases the eye. It almost completely covers the sRGB color space, and this is a touchpad with stylus support that can be found bundled with a laptop. The Lenovo Active Pen Stylus offers 4096 levels of depression, works very well with lateral pressure registration, and the parallax effect is minimal. Although he cannot replace the graphics tablet completely, it works phenomenally with simple drawings or during retouching in a graphics program.

    And as the name implies - YOGA, the screen is transformed, you can turn it over and use the laptop as a tablet.

    Performance more than satisfactory

    Apart from one situation where, for severalhours of video editing, the computer completely refused to cooperate, but I cannot complain about the performance of the Yogi 730. Yes, this is not as efficient or well-cooled equipment as some competitors, but it is not without power. In fact, if we do not mount video in 4K, and do not work on advanced 3D graphics, the laptop should work fine as a tool for everyday tasks in virtually every direction of creativity.

    The integrated graphics processor has herea huge difference. The GTX 1050 with 2 GB of V-RAM may not seem impressive on paper, but it radically changes the shape of things in comparison with ultrabooks without dedicated graphics chips. The difference is especially felt in Adobe programs that can effectively use CUDA cores.

    During the daily work can not complainand on the behavior of the laptop. The system works stably, and the computer was silent most of the time or grumbled slightly with coolers. Even under load, the noise from the cooling of the Yoga Yoga 730 is not really annoying.

    The disadvantage is the lack of a slot for SD-cards. More and more manufacturers add it, and the fact that it is not here is incomprehensible to me. The number of unwanted programs is also burdensome. Now 2018, we have Windows 10 - seriously, we can do without the proposed Lenovo software that does nothing. Fortunately, programs can be removed.

    Lenovo Yoga 730 after work

    Yoga 730 is a fantastic device not only in work, but also in entertainment. Movies look great on it - thanks to the good colors of the display, and partly due to the big JBL speakers.

    Different media consumption is also modes. I often turned the screen and put the device in the "tent" position, so it takes up much less space than a folding laptop.

    Lenovo Yoga 730 is also able to handle gamesif they came out not only that. Unfortunately, like Surface Book 2 and Yoga 730 with GTX 1050 graphics can not cope with the new names. Witcher 3? Forza Horizon 3? Forget about it. But, in Skyrim on medium settings or in older products, you can play without serious problems.

    While we are not playing or working in the program,resource-intensive, the Yoga 730 does not disappoint with battery life. In everyday use, consisting of web browsing, YouTube videos, printing documents and listening to streaming music, this Lenovo laptop regularly left the outlet for 6-7 hours. Good result for its class of equipment.


    The new Lenovo Yoga 730 laptop costs less than its competitors. And for good reason. However, the compromises that the company had to make to reduce the price do not affect the operation of the device.

    Lenovo also has a powerful argument forPurchase this computer: Lenovo Premium Care program. Until December 31, 2019, the Yoga 500, 700 and 900 series notebooks (and Legion series) will be purchased for a five-day repair period in the event of a breakdown. And if the company is not able to fix the damage during this time, it will refund the buyer the equivalent amount for the purchased laptop (and, of course, will restore the damaged computer).

    At this price, this is a rather unprecedented bonus. And even without it, the Yoga 730 is a great alternative for those who are looking for an efficient laptop for work, but cannot spend a fortune on it.

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