ReveaLED - ultraviolet flashlight with flash (7 photos + video)

ReveaLED - a removable flashlight that canshine with ultraviolet light or white bright light. With it, you can make excellent clear photos on your smartphone, also the gadget will allow you to see under the UV-flashlight that you can’t see under the usual light.

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Development functionality based on inclinationcertain substances to glow under ultraviolet light. We can, for example, check if the bills are genuine, because watermarks should appear on them. Different traces will appear on the bedding: sweat, fat and other things. That is, the device will show how well prepared the room as a whole and bed linen in particular in the hotel room to be rented. It is curious that just this functionality is put forward by the authors of the project.

In addition to checking the work of other people, you canto look and own premises: whether the clothes are qualitatively washed, whether the bathroom equipment is well cleaned and so on. However, such a meticulous attitude to the process is usually characteristic of true fanatics of purity (if not more). However, the gadget helps not only "maniacs of total purity", but also lovers to do chic photos. The above photoluminescence makes some insects, metals, banknotes and synthetic materials luminous. It looks extraordinary.

The novelty has an original mount: it can not only be held in the hands, but also attached to the smartphone. The mount is made in the form of ordinary removable clothespins. The illumination angle is 180 °, the weight of the device is 30 g. One full charge is enough for a couple of hours of work.

Now the gadget can be purchased for $ 27, ReveaLED will be delivered to Russia for an additional $ 5.