Revealed interesting features of the "watch mode" in cars Tesla

In January, Ilon Musk announced enhanced protectionfrom hacking and car theft Tesla. The intriguing “watchmaking regime” has already begun to be installed in some car models, and at the same time, people learned more details about the innovation. Many users feared that the protection system would quickly charge the battery, and the hijackers would be able to steal a USB flash drive with video recordings. It turned out that Tesla had foreseen all this, and users have nothing to worry about.

When activating the system, users see onscreen its short description. The mode allows the car to constantly monitor everything that happens around it - for this purpose, the autopilot cameras, sensors and microphones are used. Being active, the mode assesses the risk of theft or vandalism, records video, emits beeps and, if necessary, sends notifications to the owner's smartphone.

The company assures that the regime consumes minimalpossible amount of battery power. With regards to the charge, there is only one limitation - to enable protection, it is necessary that the battery be charged for more than 20%.

All materials captured by the cameras are stored onUSB flash drive inside the cabin, so users thought it could easily be stolen. The company has provided such a possibility and implemented a video backup system. All recorded videos are temporarily stored in the cloud, and in case of theft of the memory card, they can be easily restored.

The company also warned that when enabled“Timed mode” in the cabin is not recommended to leave children and animals. The fact is that in the case of attempted hijacking the car starts to make loud noises, and in this case you will not envy the people inside the cabin.

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