Revealed hacker software installed in factories producing Android-smartphones

To install malwareEnsuring hackers use the most ingenious tricks. Specialists from Google have identified the method of pre-installation on Triada’s hacker apps ’smartphones, the task of which is to spread spam and unauthorized advertising.

Installing malware on Androidsmartphones were manufactured at manufacturers, and consumers received devices with pre-installed hacker software. Such an opportunity arose due to the failure of manufacturers to provide their own smartphones with all the necessary functions. Through third-party organizations, the applications of the Triada family were included in smartphones. Currently, Google has carried out maintenance work with all software vendors at manufacturers of smartphones.

Dr.Web research for 2017 claims that the problem was on smartphones of the Leagoo M5 Plus, Leagoo M8, Nomu S10 and Nomu S20 models.

Technically, even large companies are difficult to create.Android firmware without using third-party code. Therefore, Google offers its OEM partners a Build Test Suite application that can scan for malware, such as Triada, to reduce the risk of hacking software on smartphones.

In addition, Google insists on installingAndroid smartphones of Google Play services, which conduct a preliminary scan for viruses. This argument can be decisive in Google disputes over the violation of EU antitrust laws.

Source: theverge