Revealed a secret that helped the ancients manually move multi-ton stones (4 photos + video)

The mystery of the ancient builders able to createengineering structures such as the pyramid of Cheops, Stonehenge or Saksayuamana never cease to excite researchers from around the world. Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have suggested that ancient architects effectively used leverage systems and skillfully used balance.

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An experiment was conducted during whichexperts have tried to prove that concrete blocks weighing up to 25 tons can be moved using only the power of human hands. Massive concrete stone blocks were made by design studio Matter Design in partnership with the construction company CEMEX. The blocks themselves have the original configuration and heterogeneous density. The presence of bevels, inclined planes and grooves for the hands allows, if not to carry 25-ton stones, then at least rock them, using precise balancing and knowledge of the center of gravity point. As a result, the blocks can be gradually moved without using cumbersome additional mechanisms.

Such an experiment is not only theoreticalvalue for historians. The use of modern 3D-printing allows you to create fairly accurate blocks with a well-balanced center of gravity and the necessary configuration for the installation of structures manually in places where you can not deliver or start heavy machinery.