Reusable rocket New Shepard again successfully landed (video)

Blue Origin continues to test itssuborbital rocket New Shepard. This time, the crew rescue emergency system was tested and, as in the previous flights of the reusable shuttle for tourists, the landing was successful.

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The rescue system activates an additionalrocket engine, located under the crew capsule. During the test, it started at 45 seconds after launch and carried the passenger compartment to a safe distance from the rest of the rocket. Blue Origin specialists thought that the accelerating first stage would not stand under the powerful fire of the capsule, but it did not scatter into pieces and returned safely to Earth, albeit in a slightly worn form. Passenger module landed on parachutes.

The task of reusable missiles New Shepard -deliver a capsule with tourists to a height of about 100 kilometers (conditional boundary between the atmosphere and space), where people can enjoy the state of weightlessness for a few minutes. To reduce the cost of such flights, Blue Origin is going to reuse the first stage of the rocket. If problems occur during the next launch, the passenger module disconnects from New Shepard to evacuate people.