Retro console Sega Mega Drive Mini will receive 40 pre-installed games (5 photos)

Recently, several new ones have appeared.console in retro style from various manufacturers. Not far behind the fashion and the company Sega. Last year, it announced the release of the Sega Mega Drive Mini console (Genesis Mini - in the USA), but the sales of the novelty were postponed. Now the developer has finally decided on the release date, price and other details on the project.

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In accordance with the new plans, new from Segawill be released on September 19 this year. The design of the novelty exactly repeats the appearance of the original Sega Mega Drive 1st generation. True, the new version will be 55% smaller than its predecessor. Complete the retro console two controllers, similar to the original of the Mega Drive. Only they will connect via USB-cable. Also in the configuration will be a USB cable to provide power and HDMI. The power supply will have only the American version of the console.

Support for cartridges mini prefix, toUnfortunately, the Mega Drive in the Mega Drive Mini is not provided. But it will pre-install 40 classic games from the original. They are simply adapted for updated iron and more modern screens with a significant resolution. Adaptation of games involved in the studio M2. The full list of games is not reported yet. Only claimed Gunstar Heroes, Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Comix Zone, ToeJam & Earl, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Shining Force, Space Harrier II, Castlevania: Bloodlines, Ecco the Dolphin.

First, the novelty will begin to sell exclusively in the United States and Japan, and then in other countries. The cost of a retro model will be $ 79.99.

Source: SEGA