Resident Evil: Village graphics showed on Xbox consoles of different generations (video)

Officially out this week, May 7the long-awaited sequel to the popular Resident Evil shooter series, implemented in the style of the survival mode. The game, called Resident Evil: Village, will be one of the first multi-platform applications to support ray tracing technology.

Currently, the developers have already releaseda half-hour demo version of Resident Evil: Village, which allows users to evaluate the game's graphics, as well as compare it when working on different platforms.

ElAnalistaDeBits YouTube channel heldface-to-face competition between Microsoft's sister consoles of various generations: Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One X and Xbox One. The author of the experiment analyzed the picture quality and frame rate (fps) for each set-top box.

Experimenting with Resident Evil:Village consoles used the following resolutions: Xbox Series X - 3840x2160, Xbox Series S - 2560x1440, Xbox One X - 3840x2160 and for Xbox One 1600x900. The blogger also drew attention to the download speed of the game application.

Naturally, according to this indicator, the Xbox Series X prefix was in the lead with a time of 00:05:40. The test results can be viewed on the YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits.