Researchers dispel the myth of the positive effect of sugar on human mood

To make sure that people lovefoods with a high sugar content do not even need statistics - if you look around, there are many sweets lovers around each person. Over the years, various studies and advertising have assured people that sugar has a positive effect on a person’s mood, attentiveness and vigor, but some works by scientists have proved the opposite. One of these studies was conducted by scientists from Germany and the UK - they are confident that the consumption of sugar leads to fatigue, and their arguments sound very convincing.

At the very beginning of the study, scientists selectedliterature and documents that talk about the effect of sugar on the human body. In selecting, they used a systematic approach that took into account the types of sugar and its doses. As a result, 31 studies were included in the compilation, in which 1,260 adults reported a reaction to sugar. After studying these data, the researchers were able to come to only one conclusion - all claims about the invigorating effect of sugar are groundless.

Researchers believe that the myth that sugarincreases the concentration and energy of the person, was imposed on people by mass culture. As an example, they cited an advertisement that shows how bright and exciting the life of people who have drunk a refreshing drink becomes, in which, of course, the sugar concentration is very high.

The idea that sugar can improve moodwas so common in pop culture that people all over the world consume sugary drinks to become more attentive or to fight fatigue.

Konstantinos Mantantsis, psychologist from the University. Humboldt

It should be recognized that even this study is notgives the final answer about the harm or benefit of sugar. The information collected by scientists concerned exceptionally healthy people, and how sugar affects the well-being of people with any health problems is a big question.

Anyway, excessive usesugar certainly does not bring any benefit - on the contrary, there is a risk of weight gain and the development of diabetes. According to psychologist Elizabeth Mailor of the University of Warwick in the UK, humanity should continue to further reduce its sugar intake.

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