Research: Chewing gum helps you focus better

Many of you must have more than oncethey said, "Do not chew gum, spit it out." So those who said this, it turns out, were wrong. Scientists have found that chewing gum improves the concentration of your memory - not only visual, but also auditory. That is, chewing gum can help in solving, for example, some puzzles.

Cardiff University (UK) decidedconduct a study and gathered 38 people, dividing them into two groups. Each group was asked to listen to a 30-minute audio task. In free order he reproduced numbers from one to ten, and scientists calculated how quickly which of the groups could determine the sequence of odd numbers.

After listening to the notes, the respondents were given profiles. It turned out that the group in which the chewing gums still chewed up more accurately and faster than the group where the chewing gum people did not.

Study author Kate Morgan explains:

"Interesting fact: those volunteers who did not chew gum did better at the beginning of the task, but were beaten by another group towards the end. That is, you can notice that chewing gum helps to concentrate better on tasks that require constant use of memory for a long period of time. "

The results of these studies were recently published in the British Journal of Psychology, a journal of the British Psychological Society.

Chew on your health! Just not champing with an open mouth, it's ugly!