Rescue robot that won't let you die from sea urchin quills

Diving and surfing are dangerous activitiessports. Riding on a board or studying the bottom of the sea, you can easily get some kind of injury: choke, get a cramp, or even stumble upon a sea urchin. The bites of the latter are especially dangerous, and if you also be a “happy” owner of an allergy, then you may not survive the consequences of such a rendezvous at all.

But the Dutch company found a way out of the situation.It is known that on some "elite" beaches, it is regular divers who clear the seabed. To help them, they developed marine robots that collect sea thorns in a net, or dump them into a boat on the surface. This miracle is called "C Bud". And it is controlled remotely.

In addition, the robot is connected to a boat on the surface, which is used as an obstacle radar. So the benefit is twofold.
At the same time, the robot does not bear almost any damage to marine fauna. Almost all animals survive, after being caught, they are sent back to the ocean.

By the way, if you still got a hedgehog bite, thenthe Saver Whale drone will rush to your aid. This "whale" was developed by a Korean inventor, and is designed to help the crew and passengers of a ship that is wrecked. He quickly finds people in trouble and helps them.

With him in the "glove box" he has everything you need forfirst aid: life jacket, flashlight and more. Also, if trouble nevertheless overtook, and someone did not survive, he places the body in a special net so that it is not carried away by the current and that a person can be adequately buried.