Requesting SMS codes from banks is dangerous for customers (2 photos)

Carrying out user identification inbanking institutions is carried out by sending an SMS with a unique code to the user's smartphone. Bankers are asking customers to report this code. And, according to the financial institution, this transfer of information does not pose a danger to the client’s funds, since the SMS indicates which codes can be communicated to bank employees.

However, such requests can work outUser certain behavioral stereotypes and the habit of communicating information to bank employees upon request. Thus, some of the codes obtained are necessary to complete the operation of debiting funds from the account. It is this information and can not be transferred to bank employees.

It is safe to transmit SMS codes whenconnecting additional services. However, some banks also use SMS codes to identify users. Experts believe that this practice should be abandoned, as users can get used to transmit any codes without paying attention to the data privacy warning received by SMS. The criminal who called on behalf of the bank and requested the SMS codes, in the end, can get access to the funds of gullible clients.