Replacing the wheel on the Tesla Model 3 will cost you ...

Tesla electric cars are very expensivepleasure. For example, for the right to own the basic version of Tesla Model 3, a buyer in the United States will have to put out of pocket at least $ 35,000 (more than 2.2 million rubles at the current rate). True, to buy and immediately pick up the car is not easy. They fly like hot cakes, as we wrote in one of the previous news. Buyers of such cars praise them for efficiency. Allegedly, on average, the cost of their service costs significantly less compared to conventional cars. No need to pay for gasoline and change the oil. Charging is cheaper. And what if the car needs repair? Is it expensive, for example, to replace the wheel?

Roads in America are no better than in Russia

Many believe that in the USA all roads are good, and inRussia is bad. Throw out of your head this stupid stereotype imposed by Hollywood movies. Roads in America are no better, and in some parts of the country even worse than in ours. Especially in the suburbs. Even on long-distance routes full of holes and cracks. In addition, the problems add a variety of natural elements.

Hero news, blogger Jason Fenske, notI was lucky to get into one of the road pits on my Tesla Model 3 car. He shared the story of how much this unsuccessful train cost on his YouTube channel.

How much is the replacement of wheels for cars Tesla

Jason was not lucky. He not only broke two tires, but also seriously damaged two wheel disks. They were not subject to repair, so they had to be bought.

Thus, the cost of one new tire was 340dollars. One original disc cost $ 715. Since the owner of Tesla pierced two wheels and damaged two disks, he had to pay double the amount. An additional $ 280 had to be paid for checking all four wheels and the necessary tire fitting work. Along with all taxes, Jason paid $ 2668 (almost 170,000 rubles). For 2 wheels CARL! What will happen if you get into an accident?

This is almost 8 percent of the value of the entire car, at least the basic version of the Tesla Model 3.

The problem, the blogger notes, is not onlyin bad roads. A large role was also played by low-profile tires and large wheels. When using low-profile rubber increases the likelihood of damage to the wheel when hitting a pit or other road defect.

On cheaper versions of the car put moresmaller practical wheels. But Jason had a Model 3 Performance version, on which only 20-inch wheels are mounted. In the Tesla service center, a blogger found out that disks of this size are not always available. We don’t know, apparently at the behest of the gods, but fortunately for a blogger, wheels of the right size were found. However, a total of from the time the evacuator was called and before the wheels were replaced, Jason had to spend 7 hours.

Tesla service centers are not enough

Jason notes that he was very lucky that hegot into an accident just 45 kilometers from the nearest service center. After all, according to the Tesla warranty, free towing a car can be carried out only within a radius of 80 kilometers from the nearest service center. Otherwise, Jason would have to pay a few extra hundred dollars for this service. The blogger says that this is a very big problem for Tesla owners. Because in the country of official service cents of the company is clearly not enough. For example, the closest from his house is 560 kilometers.

Wow ride!

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