Renders of Huawei P30 and P30 Pro: hole or cutout?

A wave of rumors about the new generation of flagshipHuawei's smartphone line, the Huawei P30 / Huawei P30 Pro, is gaining altitude. Rumors are very different, for the most part relate to the screen and cameras. In particular, the likelihood of the appearance in the top-end (and maybe both) versions of the new 38-megapixel sensor Sony IMX607 is mentioned. Someone writes about the screen curved on its sides. Without exception, all tipped devices increased content cameras. Disagreement concerns their location.

Perhaps the most stoned assumption looks like this:

A more classical view of the world suggests thatThe front-end will still be one, but the total number of photo modules will not change, four will go back. The frontal will either look out of a small hole, a la Huawei nova 4

Or it will be framed in a more familiar way. On this and the photo of the glasses for the screen of Huawei P30 Pro is hinted.

So the latest renderings look like this:

And so:

Do you prefer?

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Tatyana Kobelskaya