Render Huawei nova 6: a new cut of the screen

Huawei will bring to the Nova linesome freshness. According to reports, the Huawei nova 6 5G model is being prepared for release, which will not only begin the 6th generation of the family and will receive support for 5G networks, but can also boast a design that differs from its ancestors.

The changes, however, are not revolutionary. The hole in the corner of the screen remained, but it changed its shape to oblong - for two modules.

A set of cameras on the rear panel is not visibleclearly: something else has clearly been added to the three in the main unit - either a 3D ToF module, or a laser autofocus assistant, or both. The shape of the power button is suitable for the integrated fingerprint scanner, so the screen is clearly not AMOLED.

It is assumed that Huawei nova 6 will also appear in 4G-variations. The announcement date is not even approximate - somewhere in the winter, apparently.


Tatyana Kobelskaya