Removing tattoo removal can damage the camera (video)

Nowadays, all events are usually recorded onsmartphones. However, there are still people who record the most important of them on professional digital cameras. For example, removal of tattoos, especially if they were applied long ago and are no longer associated with something pleasant or memorable. However, by recording this process, you can destroy an expensive device sensor.

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Many people know that laser is dangerous to optics - anddigital, and biological. However, the chance to damage the camera or the eye remains, even if the beam is directed in the other direction. Recently, a video appeared on YouTube showing the laser tattoo removal process. In addition, each laser pulse created a long-lasting burn mark on the Sony A7s II sensor.

As noted by Andy Boyd who uploaded this story,repairing the camera will cost the same amount as purchasing a new one — about $ 2,200. It is important that the laser did not directly illuminate the camera sensor. However, damage can also be caused by diffuse reflection, which is too strong for unprotected optics and eyes. Note that the matrix also captures 100 times more light. So it is better not to risk expensive equipment.