Remote Tactile Feedback Surgery Technology (video)

The introduction of modern high technology inmedicine already allows in many ways to increase the efficiency of surgeons, to reduce the doctor's fatigue, and also to reduce the influence of the human factor during long-term operations. At present, remote methods for performing surgical operations using the capabilities of telemetry and robotics are known and widely used.

Researchers at Texas A&M UniversityThey proposed a significant improvement in the technique of remote surgical intervention, which allows to increase the surgeon's work efficiency, providing better feedback between the doctor, the mechanism and the operated organ.

The latest Telerobotics development will provideelimination of the slightest inaccuracies in the operation caused by shaking the hands of the surgeon. However, the most important component of Telerobotics technology is the provision of tactile feedback between robot manipulators controlled by the surgeon's hands and the object being operated. The vibration of the Telerobotics system is transmitted to the fingertips of the surgeon, and corresponds to the different positions of the mechanical arms relative to the patient’s tissues.

The surgeon’s hands will wear special gloves,to which electro-impulse discharges of various frequencies are transmitted, allowing to tactilely evaluate the distance between the manipulators and the patient’s tissues. As you approach the operated surface, the pulse frequency increases, and the surgeon begins to lower the pressure. As a result of testing, the operator was able to reduce pressure by 70%.

According to developers from TexasThe use of technology at the university will allow surgeons to more clearly visualize the course of the operation using robotic arm-manipulators and not be distracted by extraneous factors, focusing on the actual operation.

Source: newatlas