Remember, scientists turned the clock back? So, this was not

If you believe everything that is written on the Internet (includingincluding us), quantum physicists can be congratulated. It sounds cool: scientists (and even Russian) turned back the clock. Straight "Back to the Future." It all started with an article in Scientific Reports with the provocative title “The Arrow of Time and Its Appeal on the IBM Quantum Computer”. In it, the authors stated that they conducted an experiment, they said, opens up new areas of research for “time reversal and time reversal”.

If you still do not understand why the world has not gone mad, since scientists have achieved such tremendous success, do not worry. They have not achieved.

Scientists have turned the clock back. True?

Some simple physical models are time. Provide an idealized version of the earth revolving around the sun, where each body is represented by an ideal sphere. See how this system moves forward in time, and the Earth counterclockwise. “Pay” time and the Earth will move clockwise. Both events are equally realistic. Or imagine the collision of two billiard balls. You can flush the video in any direction, and it will be physically believable.

The real world is not like that. Everything looked wrong if time went backwards - entropy (a measure of disorder) grows. This is the law of physics and common sense.

What then did these scientists do if they did not invent time travel?

Think about pressing the rewind button on the video. It "reverses the flow of time" in a sense. If you have never done this - do it, it's fun. You will see steam returning back to the kettle, a cup gathering from fragments. The article of interest to us describes a quantum-computational version of such a video, shown in reverse order.

A closer analogy would be a lens likeone that can be found in a telescope, microscope or glasses. The lens can be used to focus light - “reversing” the scattering of light that has come out of focus. The authors of the article say that their method may be useful for testing quantum programs. It is right. But this is not a time machine.

As says Scott Aaronson, director of QuantumInformation Center at the University of Texas at Austin, “If you are modeling a process with time reversal on your computer, you can change the direction of time by changing the direction of your model. Having quickly looked at the work, I confess I don’t understand where the noise came from, if the simulation was done on an IBM quantum computer. ”

In general, no one created a time machine. No one broke the laws of thermodynamics, physics. This case may give quantum computing ill fame. Do not let yourself be confused. It is quite difficult to explain the paradoxes that actually exist in quantum mechanics, without sensational slogans. Time moves only forward.

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