Released the world's first flexible gadget. The manufacturer is not Samsung (7 photos + video)

Chinese company Rouyu Technology firstdemonstrated the foldable FlexPai smartphone with a flexible display. This gadget is the first to be based on the Snapdragon 8150. The top processor has not even been announced yet. Previously, it was known under the name Snapdragon 855, this is a chip created using a 7-nanometer process technology.

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Diagonal AMOLED touch screen FlexiPaiis 7.8 inches, when folded, it turns out a smartphone with a display of 4 inches. The manufacturer claims that the flexible panel will withstand more than 200,000 flexings and twists. There is a rear dual camera at 16 + 20 megapixels. The thickness of the gadget is 7.6 millimeters, but the frame of the device is thick. FlexPai uses proprietary technology for high-speed charging Ro-Charge. Thanks to her, the battery charges in 1 hour at 80%.

Android operating system with a proprietarywater OS interface adapts to several options for using the gadget. This can be a single screen or two, where one will run a movie, and the other - an instant messenger or something else.

The smartphone will be released in three configurations: 512 + 8 gigabytes, 256 + 8 gigabytes and 128 + 6 gigabytes. The first will cost customers 1864 dollars, the second 1434 dollars, the third 1290 dollars. To sell a novelty in China will begin from the first of November. Circulation is limited.