Released incredibly thin and flexible wireless charging (8 photos + video)

Essentially new, unique in design,characteristics and materials of the charger for wireless charging Xpad can in the near future become available to any user. Currently, Indiegogo is actively collecting funds to start the production of these unusual devices made from environmentally frequent materials.

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Australian developers from startup Plusussought to create a new rethought design to reduce the harm done by modern gadgets to nature. To this end, they upgraded the charging coil, reducing its thickness to the technically minimally accessible and created a unique design using cork, wood veneer or Italian leather.

The new Xpad charger has turned thinand acquired flexibility, which will be very useful during transportation and travel. The thickness of the Xpad is only 2.2 mm, which is significantly less than the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad, which is 17 mm thick. This design became available after reducing the thickness of the charging coil by 50% and using thin natural materials instead of plastic.

Another unique feature of the Xpad isits versatility. The intelligent chip built into Plusus Xpad independently determines the maximum power for the optimal charging speed required for each specific device. In addition, the user can use the Xpad with any network adapter, as well as with laptops that have regular USB ports or USB-C.

The price of the most budget Plusus Xpad (from the cork) with pre-order for Indiegogo is only $ 32. In open sale, it will cost 49 dollars. The estimated delivery date is June 2019.