Reinstalling Windows 10 will be from the cloud

For users with computers runningrunning the Windows 10 operating system, in the near future there will be a very convenient and efficient way to reinstall the system using cloud storage.

Such information appeared on Twitter in an insider message under the nickname @ h0x0d. In the build of Windows 10 with a numeric index of 18950, a reinstallation function from the cloud was detected.

Currently, Windows 10 usersthey use traditional OS recovery techniques using disk or portable storage. However, such physical media may be lost or damaged. Also, a significant disadvantage of this technique is the fact that the media may be the old version of the operating system, which will require additional downloads of the latest updates from the Internet.

Application of the way to restore the OS from the cloudwill eliminate all the shortcomings of the traditional method. Information can not be lost, and the version will always be relevant. The only prerequisite for the implementation of this method is to have a stable Internet. Additionally, recovery may not be possible if the recovery window does not start on the computer.

More detailed characteristics of the methodunknown. Presumably, the image of the system will be in the OneDrive cloud, tied to the user account and occupy the physical amount of memory allocated to the account. In this case, this feature can be disabled. The recovery feature using cloud storage may appear in the next major Windows 10 update.