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Regular tea consumption is associated with increased life expectancy

Do you like green tea? If not, you should probably rethink your attitude towards him. According to a study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, regular consumption of green tea (at least three times a week) reduces the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, as well as the risk of premature death from other causes. The study involved more than 100 thousand people, in whose medical history there were no cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

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Tea lovers live longer

During the experiment, the subjects were divided into twoseparate groups. Participants in the first group drank tea at least three times a week, and participants in the second group drank tea very rarely, or less than three times a week. Researchers observed the subjects for several years. According to the results, tea lovers on average lived longer, and also adhered to a healthy lifestyle. Test results showed that 50-year-old subjects who drink tea, coronary heart disease and stroke developed about 1.4 later than the subjects from the second group. Also, tea lovers live an average of 1.2 years longer than those who prefer other drinks. Moreover, compared with the second group, the probability of developing fatal cardiovascular diseases among the subjects in the first group was lower by 22%, and the risk of premature death from other causes was 15%.

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Scientists also closely monitored changes inthe body of the subjects, if they changed their habits with respect to tea. According to Universal-sci, according to Dr. Dongfeng Gu, one of the study's authors, the protective effects of tea were most evident among subjects who often drank tea. The research mechanism showed that the main biologically active compounds in tea - polyphenols - do not persist in the body for a long time, which means that regular tea consumption can be important to maintain a cardioprotective effect.

What tea do scientists recommend drinking?

Green tea may be healthier than other types of tea.

The results of the study also showed that typeTea is important because drinking green tea was associated with an approximately 25% reduction in the risk of heart disease and stroke, as well as premature death from other causes. But when drinking black tea, such a relationship was not observed. However, an important note to the results obtained is the fact that a very small percentage of subjects consumed black tea. Thus, in order to draw accurate conclusions about the potential health benefits of black tea, more research is needed.

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Regarding the reasons that underlieThe obvious advantages of green tea over black tea, then scientists distinguish two factors. Firstly, green tea is a source of polyphenols, which protect against the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, including arterial hypertension. The second factor is the frequent use of black tea with milk. Previous research has shown that milk can counteract the beneficial effects of tea on vascular health. It turns out that if the results obtained in the course of this study are confirmed in randomized trials, they can be an excellent addition to the current recommendations for a healthy diet.