Registration of drones in Russia starts on September 27

Outlined recent fashion onthe use of drones for entertainment purposes and in business is becoming widespread. In this regard, the Russian government is forced to take measures to register flying unmanned aerial vehicles. Starting September 27, the requirement to register drones weighing more than 250 grams will become mandatory.

The registration procedure is quite simple, the ownerdrone must send an application to the Federal Air Transport Agency. In this case, you can use the Internet portal of public services or the Russian post. The owner shall indicate in the application his personal data, the manufacturer of the flying device and the technical specifications of the aircraft regulated by law.

Registering a drone is similar to the procedureregistration of watercraft or cars, in which the owner must also indicate his personal data. Application processing time is 10 days. The registration notice shall indicate the individual number assigned to the drone, which the owner must put on the aircraft body. In the event of damage or a crime using a drone, the owner will be identified by this number.

In the torah enterprises they still cannotdetermine how much the sale of unmanned aerial vehicles weighing more than 250 grams will decrease. However, owners of drones that fail to register will face a differentiated fine, the size of which depends on the area where the unregistered device flew. So in a deserted place, far from the place of people’s residence, the fine is 2 thousand rubles, and when the drone is launched within the MKAD, the fine grows to 20-50 thousand rubles. In the event that the owner of the drone turns out to be a legal entity, sanctions start from 250 thousand rubles.

First officially recorded clashA drone with an airplane was registered two years ago in Canada. Then the plane received minor injuries and none of those on board were injured.

Source: Kommersant