Redmi Note 7 Pro will receive a Snapdragon 675 chipset

There was news about the filling of Redmi Note 7 Pro - devices that they promised to present after February 5th in pursuit of Redmi Note 7.

Officially about the advanced version of one ofthe most, if not the most, interesting in terms of the "price-quality" ratio of smartphones is only known that he will be the owner of the Sony IMX586 "true-48 megapixel" camera.

Today added informal details. From Redmi Note 7 Note 7 Pro will also distinguish the chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 gives way to Snapdragon 675.

The price according to the available changes will not affectvery strong - it will rise to 1499 yuan. This is only a hundred more than the price of the top version of Redmi Note 7, but most likely it is the starting price tag of Note 7 Pro and its most advanced modification will be a little more expensive.


Tatyana Kobelskaya