Redmi Note 10 was destroyed by "Indian Zach Nilson" (video)

Check how new smartphone Redmi Note 10 isThe blogger from India, the author of the Gupta Information Systems channel, who actually repeats the actions of the expert Zach Nilson from the JerryRigEverything channel, has tried to meet the criteria of strength and reliability, somewhat expanding the ranges of "bullying" over gadgets, making testing more extreme.

Even the expert's lead to the beginning is of interest.trials, when a blogger uses a huge knife to open a paper parcel and a box with a smartphone. Such an aggressive approach does not bode well for Redmi Note 10, which was proven a few minutes later when the author literally tore the smartphone with his bare hands after a series of tough extreme tests.

In the first phase of testing, Redmi Note 10 was"Drowned" in a container with water. Despite not being certified for splash resistance, the smartphone survived and continued to operate after 5 minutes underwater. At the same time, water continued to flow from the tray for SIM cards for some time.

At the next stage, the smartphone was scratched from allsides with a sharp knife. All surfaces and the frame are easily scratched, and the volume button was simply torn out of its socket. The fingerprint sensor mounted on the side face remained functional even after severe scratches were applied to the surface. The protective glass was also scratched by objects with varying degrees of hardness on the Mohs scale. In this test, Redmi Note 10 showed an average performance: scratches appeared on contact with objects with a hardness of 6 and higher.

Then the blogger moved on to destroying the smartphone byrepeatedly throwing Redmi Note 10 on the sides, back surface and display, from different heights. Testing continued until the display stopped turning on after another fall from a height higher than human height.

Then the blogger tested the bending strength of the case.As a result, Redmi Note 10 was destroyed almost immediately, without much effort on the part of an expert. Meanwhile, it is not known what damage the case received as a result of repeated falls, which somewhat levels the test results. After the final destruction, viewers got a glimpse of the internal construction of the smartphone and made sure there was still a lot of water inside from the previous test.